Gramena puts reliability first

Our team’s deep knowledge of the dairy market, paired with our fast and transparent approach to client communication, are just some of the reasons leading producers trust Gramena as their strategic partner for the long term.

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On top of the market

The dairy market is complex. With endless applications and approaches to using myriad milk components, and the relationship between demand and supply constantly changing, Gramena provides the link between producer and supplier to maximize value wherever possible.

Strict quality assurance

Our quality is safeguarded by a quality system that runs throughout the supply chain. From regulations on animal feed to the final product meeting strenuous quality standards, Gramena closely supervises each link in the supply chain to guarantee optimal product quality.

Certifications: IFS, GMP+, VLOG and SKAL (bio)

Taking care of the entire supply chain

Our highly skilled, dedicated logistics team are experts in transportation, documentation and legislation inside and out of Europe. An excellent network of warehouses, forwarders and transporters, makes it easy for us to shape custom-made solutions to your business.

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